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[Life] New Year, New Goals (or Lists, because I like lists)

A new year!? Again!? I swear time flies more and more quickly. It’s probably because I’m getting older. Or now I have kids, and kids come with chaos. You know, the chaos that makes you forget what day it is because you’re running on four hours of staggered sleep, your baby-recently-turned-toddler is making you heavily rethink your “no baby proofing here, only natural consequences” philosophy, and your Puffs-crumb-filled family room hasn’t been vacuumed in days because your three-year-old insists we can’t move the zillion Paw Patrol toys for a matter of seconds to push the Dyson around (and I’d let Hell freeze over before picking that Paw Patrol fight). Hot damn. So yes, time is flying, and ready or not, here comes a new year! Read More