[Life] New Year, New Goals (or Lists, because I like lists)

A new year!? Again!? I swear time flies more and more quickly. It’s probably because I’m getting older. Or now I have kids, and kids come with chaos. You know, the chaos that makes you forget what day it is because you’re running on four hours of staggered sleep, your baby-recently-turned-toddler is making you heavily rethink your “no baby proofing here, only natural consequences” philosophy, and your Puffs-crumb-filled family room hasn’t been vacuumed in days because your three-year-old insists we can’t move the zillion Paw Patrol toys for a matter of seconds to push the Dyson around (and I’d let Hell freeze over before picking that Paw Patrol fight). Hot damn. So yes, time is flying, and ready or not, here comes a new year!

Anyways, 2016 was a great year for me. Great, but oh so difficult. It’s safe to say it was seriously my most challenging year (hormones, tears, anxiety, breakdowns, you name it), but it was a great year. I was able to enjoy a longer maternity leave with London, turned the dirty 30, went on some fabulous family trips (local, because I’m not gutsy enough, or rich enough, to take two littles on a five-hour plane ride just to spend naptime cooped up in a hotel room while my husband enjoys a little umbrella drink on the white sandy beach below), celebrated six years of marriage, watched Luca switch from toddler-mode to kid-mode (we’re finally potty trained, people!), and have “settled” in to my new title (or world) of “full-time teacher while raising two kids and running a household, all while trying not to forget about my husband” (and maybe myself). It’s been TOUGH, honestly, but I’ve learned a lot, and I’d like to think I came out one strong woman.

I’m ready for 2017, and I’m looking at it with fresh eyes, mind, and heart. By nature, I’m a lifelong learner. I’m a teacher, yes, but I’m a learner and a reflector. I’m a huge fan of goal-setting. Well, more like list-making. Lists make me feel good – organized and productive. And lists are like goals, whether they’re short- or long-term, right? So, here’s my list for the New Year of things I’d like to focus on to help me (continue to) thrive in all areas of my life. Some are big, some are small, lots are “to do’s,” but hey, it’ll keep me focused…

New Year, New MOMMY Goals (List):

  • Give Luca and London more social experiences (in-home playdates, Children’s Museum visits, etc.)
  • Finish the kids’ “play loft” that was started a year ago

New Year, New WIFE Goals (List):

  • Do more sweet, unexpected things
  • Dedicate one weekend night per month or two to Date Afternoon/Night
  • Watch more hockey with him (instead of hibernating to our bedroom to watch Housewives while he stays up to swear at the Sharks) – maybe I can refocus this to “get back to enjoying the things my husband enjoys”

New Year, New TEACHER Goals (List):

  • Keep my files organized (curriculum, holiday/seasonal units)
  • Spruce up my Calendar Time
  • Incorporate richer Free Choice activities
  • Experiment with Morning Tubs
  • Leave school earlier to pick up my own babies from preschool/daycare

New Year, New LIFE Goals (List):

  • Seriously declutter our house
  • Finish creating my personal space in the kids’ play loft
  • Get back to flossing nightly (gross, I know)
  • Keep up with the Book Club I joined (reading the books AND connecting with new Mamas)
  • Continue building my #momtribe friendships
  • Spread kindness (2017 might need it)

What is something on your “New Year, New Goals” list for 2017? I’d love to know and help support you with it – we’re a tribe, remember? Mom tribe, wife tribe, teacher tribe, life tribe. Whatever tribe we connect on, I’m here for YOU in 2017! Wishing you all a happy, healthy new year full of all the things that make you smile and beam with love. Happy 2017, sweet friends! 

[The above photos were beautifully captured by the oh-so talented, patient, and creative Tifani Beecher of Tifani Beecher Photography©.]

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    January 1, 2017 at 4:25 pm

    I love the idea of breaking it down like this! We have so many hats to wear and this seems more manageable. Happy New Year, friend!

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