[Life] Fourth of July Desserts: 3 Easy & Last Minute Sweet Treats

It’s the 4th of July, so grab your drink of choice and take a seat!

I’ve got you covered with a few super simple red, white, and blue treats!

America’s birthday isn’t complete without the typical family-friendly backyard BBQ. With the hamburgers and hot dogs covered, don’t forget about a patriotic dessert to end the night while watching fireworks light up the sky. Check out these easy ways to take a simple sweet treat and add a little red, white, and blue flair to take to your 4th of July celebration this year!

Firework Sprinkle Cookies

These are my go-to cookie when I need a SUPER quick, SUPER easy cookie that’s been dressed up a bit. Dip break-apart cookie dough bites into red, white, and blue sprinkles to make these Firework Sprinkle Cookies. Kids and sprinkles are the perfect combination, so enlist your kids to help you with the dipping!

Items Needed:

  • Break-apart cookie dough bites (from the refrigerated section of the grocery store — or balls of real cookie dough that you’ve just whipped up, if you’ve got the time for that, Miss Betty Crocker)
  • Holiday-themed sprinkles (red, white, and blue) + small dish/container to put sprinkles in
  • Cookie sheets

Directions for Making:

  1. Preheat oven as directed
  2. Pour sprinkles into small dish/container + break apart cookie dough bites
  3. Individually dip top face of cookie dough bites into sprinkles, one at a time + place dough bite on cookie sheet (sprinkle side up)
  4. Bake dough bites in oven as directed + let cool on cookie sheet
  5. Enjoy these dressed up cookies with family and friends!

Birthday Celebration Sandwiches

Every summer celebration calls for ice cream! Take away the mess of scooping and cones and have ice cream sandwiches instead! Let the kids help with the dipping of the sandwiches in the sprinkles. This sweet treat can be made ahead of time (just keep the sandwiches in a stack separated by parchment paper in the freezer until you’re ready to dive in)!

Items Needed:

  • Ice cream sandwiches (pick your favorite flavor!)
  • Holiday-themed sprinkles (red, white, and blue) + larger dish/container to put sprinkles in
  • Parchment/wax paper

Directions for Making:

  1. Unwrap ice cream sandwiches from paper
  2. One at a time, dip sides of ice cream sandwich into sprinkles
  3. Repeat with remaining ice cream sandwiches + place parchment/wax paper in between sprinkled sandwiches (to help them not stick)
  4. Store in freezer until ready to serve
  5. What’s better than ice cream on a warm summer night!? (Um, ice cream with SPRINKLES! Enjoy!)



American Flag Brownies

Brownies are an easy treat to bake, so why not pipe a little frosting and turn them into the grand ol’ flag! Every 4th of July celebration needs a little chocolate bite, and you can even turn the piping of the frosting flag into a mini history lesson about our flag’s 13 stripes and 50 stars (though you obviously can’t fit them all)!

Items Needed:

  • Box of brownie mix (or ingredients for whipping up brownies from scratch, Betty) + ingredients needed to make brownies, as directed
  • Brownie pan + knife for cutting (Have you used this? I’m obsessed with the OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Cut and Serve Turner!)
  • Can of white frosting (or again, ingredients for whipping up frosting from scratch — PS: Can I have some of your spare time in life, please?)
  • Red + Blue food coloring + 2 bowls (for mixing)
  • Plastic zip-top bags + scissors

Directions for Making:

  1. Make + bake brownies as directed
  2. Cut cooled brownies into rectangles + remove from pan
  3. Using frosting and food coloring, make 1 bowl of red frosting and 1 bowl of blue frosting
  4. Scoop red frosting into zip-top baggie, the scoop blue frosting into different baggie. Cut off one small corner on each baggie (in order to make self-piping bags)
  5. Pipe red frosting onto brownies as stripes + blue frosting onto brownies to make stars
  6. Enjoy these sweet chocolaty flag treats!


Happy 4th of July, sweet friends!

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    Jackie speed
    July 4, 2017 at 11:21 am

    This looks so good and just up my alley for quick and simple! Great ideas. Thanks for sharing! I’m going to do the cookie and sprinkles one for sure !

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