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Winter Kid Style [with Crazy 8]

This post is sponsored by Crazy 8. All opinions are entirely and wholeheartedly my own. 

Hello, Winter! I’m a huge fan of winter (okay, just California winters – no snow storms and continuous days of below freezing temps for this sun-loving girl), and I’m a huge fan of winter fashion. It’s been fun jumping into the cold-weather clothes style this season with my kids, and Crazy 8 sure has made getting dressed each morning more enjoyable.  Read More

[Countdown to Christmas] The Best Advent Calendar for Preschoolers

This post contains affiliate links. All opinions are entirely and wholeheartedly my own.

My preschooler thinks that as soon as December hits, it’s Christmas and Santa is coming (like, that day).

Time is obviously not a strong suite for this age group, nor do I expect my 4-year-old to have the patience during this already chaotic month to be waiting on the red-suited jolly ol’ fella. I knew I needed to start some type of countdown with him this year, so I headed to every mama’s favorite website (ahem, hello Amazon) and searched (because, to be honest, I lack time for DIY in December).

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[Life] New Year, New Goals (or Lists, because I like lists)

A new year!? Again!? I swear time flies more and more quickly. It’s probably because I’m getting older. Or now I have kids, and kids come with chaos. You know, the chaos that makes you forget what day it is because you’re running on four hours of staggered sleep, your baby-recently-turned-toddler is making you heavily rethink your “no baby proofing here, only natural consequences” philosophy, and your Puffs-crumb-filled family room hasn’t been vacuumed in days because your three-year-old insists we can’t move the zillion Paw Patrol toys for a matter of seconds to push the Dyson around (and I’d let Hell freeze over before picking that Paw Patrol fight). Hot damn. So yes, time is flying, and ready or not, here comes a new year! Read More

Hello, and Welcome!

Hello, and welcome! I’m Allison, and Mommy, Wife, Teacher, and Life is my little piece of the blogging world! I plan on sharing aspects of motherhood, marriage, teaching, and my lifestyle that others can connect with. Whether you’re a mommy (or daddy) looking for a review on the latest baby gear or an activity to keep your toddler busy, a wife (or husband) looking for “date night on a budget” ideas or simple ways to keep your marriage exciting, a teacher looking for classroom inspiration or primary activities (or a parent looking for academic inspiration for your child at home!), or even a wanderer who has stumbled upon my blog, finding style reviews or a new recipe, this place is for you! Mommy, Wife, Teacher, and Life is a blog for learning, inspiring, supporting, encouraging, and uplifting each other, so I hope you join me on this journey.

I wear a lot of hats during my days — mommy, wife, and teacher are my main gigs. I’m super passionate about each of them, and so passionate, in fact, that sharing the joys, smiles, memory making moments, trials, and tribulations with you was a bit of a light-bulb-moment when I turned the big 3-0 earlier this year. Since having littles, I haven’t been able to shake my “mommy guilt” of having much fun through personal hobbies. I’m the mom that feels every little thing should revolve around my kids, and if something doesn’t, then that major “mom guilt” sets in. I’ve been trying to shake that. So, “Let’s blog!” I thought. It was a win-win — a fun outlet and hobby for me, all while sharing my favorite parts of life with you (motherhood, marriage, teaching, and so very much more).

Here’s a bit more about me…

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