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[Life] Stitch Fix Review: Summer Style {June 2017}

Hello, Summer Style!

I’m an avid Stitch Fix fan, and my stylist, Shelley, rocked my Fix yet again. If I ever met Shelley in person, I swear we’d be BFFs, just based on the sole fact that she can read my fashion and style sense inside and out (just from a little fashion questionnaire and my Pinterest fashion board). To be able to understand my messy mom bun/always-on-the-move kindergarten teacher/sometimes need-a-date-night style is pretty amazing. For this Fix, I asked Shelley to include summer pieces that would be easy for playdates and library time with my kids, as well as a few dresses for summer parties/BBQs and evenings out. Shelley is my homegirl (in the style department), and man, did she deliver on this summer style Fix!

Allison’s Summer Style Fix – June 2017

LIVERPOOL Mirabella Roll Cuff Skinny Jean ($78.00)

Status: Returned

These white cuffed jeans came rolled as capris, and they were adorable on. The color would have been perfect for summer activities, and they would have been easily paired with any top. However, they felt heavy, and when I’m chasing two babies at the park or marathoning through Target because I’m pushing naptime limits, this mama sweats. I don’t like heavy pants, and these were a bit too much of that with the white denim. Also, the waistband on these LIVERPOOLs felt like a waistband on a pair of maternity pants – a thick, elastic band. If I’m not pregnant, I don’t want to feel like I’m wearing pants made for a sweet mama with a bump. Don’t get me wrong, I love those thick elastic bands, but only on maternity pants, when I barely have enough energy to wear pants. And finally, I should have let my fashion goddess Shelley know, but I’m good on white pants/capris for now, and it’s difficult for me to keep something from my Fix if I don’t need it (unless it makes more sense for the “Buy All 5” discount).

41HAWTHORNE Sari Eyelet Top ($64.00)

Status: Returned

This top was cute on, but I didn’t love the sleeve-less style. I feel manly in tops with no sleeves (like thick tank top status), and this style wasn’t my jam. I did love how light this top was, along with the eyelet overlay material, and it would have been an easy-to-throw-on top to match any colored shorts or capris (like the yellow LIVERPOOL Coretta Cuffed Short, below). And let’s be real – I can’t justify spending $64 on a top I just don’t swoon over.

LIVERPOOL Coretta Cuffed Short ($58.00)

Status: Kept

What screams summer more than a pair of pastel yellow shorts!? HELLO! I’m loving these. They’re comfy, casual, and will be my summer staple. The length isn’t too short (because I am 31 and don’t want Daisy Dukes) or too long (my knees look huge with that long short style) – so, perfect #momwardrobe length. They’re soft, and they’ll go with almost any easy graphic tee or fancier top in my closet. After numerous Fixes, I’m a huge fan of LIVERPOOL bottoms (jeans, pants, and now shorts). You need these!

LOVEAPPELLA Aleicia Knit Maxi Dress ($74.00)

Status: Kept

OMG. Every girl needs a dress like THIS in her summer wardrobe. Seriously! It’s bright, comfy, flattering and fitting in all the right places, and will be an overall summer staple for me. It’ll be an easy wear on Saturdays to the Farmer’s Market, as well as a good summer BBQ dress at a friend’s house, always paired with camel gladiators, a large-brimmed sunhat, and a jean jacket when the sun goes down. The capped sleeves on this are perfect, and the print is very summer. (I can even wear a regular bra with this one – WINNING!)

LOVEAPPELLA Kaisey Cold Shoulder Knit Maxi Dress ($78.00)

Status: Kept

I’ve been hesitant on buying any “off the shoulder” tops that are in style right now, as I didn’t know if that Boho-chic would feel right on me. Now I can finally say, BRING ON THE BOHO! This dress is absolutely darling, and I’m loving the off-the-shoulder flair. It adds a bit of sexiness that I don’t typically show off (hello, mother chasing after two wild ones at 31), but it’s definitely the perfect amount with not too much fancy-ness going on while running after a toddler and almost-preschooler. The flower print on navy is stunning for warm summer days and evenings, and a cream or light pink cardigan (both staples I’ve got in my closet) is easy to throw on when needed. This dress is everything and perfect for wine country living.


Hey, hey! How did I rate my June Summer Fix overall? 4.5 out of 5

(Pretty personalized, okay in the $ department, and great fits overall)


A few months ago, Stitch Fix started offering a “fill your empty box up with items you don’t want and send it back in” to be donated to Goodwill service for free (just print the label and attach it to the empty box now filled with your old clothes). I’ve never been good about clearing out my closet (though I’m REALLY good at adding to my closet). So, when Stitch Fix started offering this free service, I came up with a new rule for myself — Add 1, toss 1. If I keep one piece from my Fix, I have to get rid of one old piece in my closet that I never wear anymore (out of style, wrong size, haven’t worn it in two seasons). If I keep all five pieces, I have to toss five old closet pieces. For this Fix, I added three new pieces to my closet, so I had to toss three old ones (I promise – I really did!). Take this “add 1, toss 1” rule on for yourself, too (and you, or your spouse, will thank me later – wink!).


If you LOVE any of these pieces and are dying to have them in your next Fix, be sure to let your stylist know in your “note to my stylist” box on your Stitch Fix homepage. After this Fix, I feel summer ready! Those yellow shorts will be a playdate staple, and the LOVEAPPELLA dresses are fab for summer dinners out and my sister’s wedding events (showers, bachelorette, etc.). Cheers to a summer of style, sweet fashion lovin’ friends of mine!


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