About Me

Hi there, and welcome! I’m Allison. I wear a lot of hats during my days — mommy, wife, and teacher are my main gigs. I’m super passionate about each of them, and so passionate, in fact, that sharing the joys, smiles, memory making moments, trials, and tribulations with you was a bit of a light-bulb-moment when I turned the big 3-0 earlier this year. Since having littles, I haven’t been able to shake my “mommy guilt” of having much fun through personal hobbies. So, “Let’s blog!” I thought. It was a win-win — a fun outlet and hobby for me, all while sharing my favorite parts of life with you (motherhood, marriage, teaching, and so very much more).


A bit more about me…

Mommy:: I never knew how deep a love could be for a tiny human until I had littles of my own. I feel like my heart is walking outside of my body every moment of every day, which is a beautiful and proud feeling (and sometimes a feeling of fear — yes, I can be THAT helicopter mom). Luca is my toddler, who is acting more and more like a “big kid” with every passing day. He’s a bike riding, dino rawring, waffle loving boy who blows our minds with the silliest sayings. Oh, toddlerhood! It’s a good thing I’ve got my little miss London to tone down the boy-ness that consumes our household. London is my infant, who looks more like a toddler in size and has the sweetest girly personality already. She’s an active little thing who loves nothing more than to watch her brother run wild, give us the biggest belly laughs, and light up a room with her big, blue eyes. We sure are enjoying watching her hit the infant milestones, even with the sleepless nights she provides.


Wife:: Matt is my husband. He’s my best friend, my temper-tantrum throwing toddler tag-teamer, my fro yo with gummy bears and sprinkles enabler, my binge-watching entire series of Weeds/SOA/Lost on Netflix buddy, my smarty pants tech consultant, and my honest to goodness love of my life and soulmate. We’re college sweethearts (that’s a thing, right?). We met at Chico State, and although I probably should have marched up the dorm stairs to yell at the annoying freshman boy (him) to quit jamming on his guitar at all hours of the night because the girl living in the room below him (me) couldn’t concentrate on her studying our very first year at college, we didn’t truly cross paths until our senior year. He jokes that I wasn’t ready for his wild and crazy self yet (which was probably true). He’s the life of the party, adventurous, up-all-nighter; I’m the studious, organized, do-gooder. We balance each other perfectly.


Teacher:: My entire childhood, I wanted to be a teacher. My mom is a teacher, so I grew up as a #teacherkid, helping grade papers, prep projects, and work in the classroom over summer. Playing “school” was my favorite activity, and I made my poor younger sister suffer through alphabet drills and addition worksheets (sorry, Jenn!). I think part of my desire to be a teacher came from my LOVE for school supplies. Fresh packs of Crayolas and Flair pens are my jam! I’m fortunate to teach in an amazing district in Northern California, where teachers are valued, parents are present and involved, and students are seriously stellar. I taught 2nd grade for five years, and now I’m headed into my first year in Kindergarten. In addition to a Liberal Studies background, my college focus was on Child Development, so I’m excited to get back to my roots with the youngest learners! I love learning — hooray for lifelong learners!


Life:: I love reading and books, chocolate and baking, reality TV and the Today Show, chatting with girlfriends and engaging in mommy groups, traveling and people from foreign places (I’ve been told I’m a bit of an interrogator when I meet someone from a different country — I love learning about other people from unique places), Stitch Fix and shopping, baby gear and Carter’s clothes, chips and salsa and margaritas, and family vacations and making memories…to name a few. XO